EE models (Handy type)


  • Home-Use Pumps【Engine Pumps】
  • Engine Pumps【Compact/Medium-Sized Engine Pumps】


-Compact design.
-Powerful, compact/lightweight models.
-Handy type, for easy moving.


  • Construction/Civil Engineering Pumps
    Construction/Civil Engineering Pumps
  • Agricultural Pumps
    Agricultural Pumps
  • Ship Pumps
    Ship Pumps
  • Gardening Pumps
    Gardening Pumps
  • Home-Use Pumps
    Home-Use Pumps
  • Fishing Pumps
    Fishing Pumps
  • Fish Breeding Pumps
    Fish Breeding Pumps
  • Pit Graywater Pumps
    Pit Graywater Pumps

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  • Current models
  • Past models

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Port diameter Model name Handled Frequency Output Performance curve Outer dimensions Structural drawing Detailed view Part list User manual Current models
25 EE-25MN End of sale in 2018   0.58/7003