HP (2P) mechanical seal models


  • Home-Use Pumps【Handy Pump Models】
  • On-land pumps (plastic)【Close-Coupled/Self-Priming Models】


-Self-priming pumps with easy handling.
-Compact/lightweight pumps with high performance and low noise.
-Support a wide lineup of applications ranging from home use to agriculture and fishing and warm water circulation (temperatures up to 50°C or up to 40°C for HP-200 models).
-The electric motor comes with a manually restored protector for burnout prevention.
-Specially structured valve-free pumps eliminate the risk of water infiltration and maintain stable self-priming performance.
-Wetted parts are made of a special plastic.


  • Agricultural Pumps
    Agricultural Pumps
  • Gardening Pumps
    Gardening Pumps
  • Home-Use Pumps
    Home-Use Pumps
  • Fishing Pumps
    Fishing Pumps

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  • Current models
  • Past models
Port diameter Model name Handled Frequency Output Performance curve Outer dimensions Structural drawing Detailed view Part list User manual Current models
15 HP-50 On sale 50 0.06    
25 HP-100 On sale 50 0.08    
25 HP-200 On sale 50 0.135    
15 HP-50 On sale 60 0.08    
25 HP-100 On sale 60 0.12    
25 HP-200 On sale 60 0.21    
No past models exist.