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-An outstanding mechanism generates high pressures. High-volume discharge.
-The outstanding self-priming capacity provides self-primed pumping in minimal time.
-The use of a semi-open impeller provides outstanding durability and ensures smooth pump performance for even muddy/sandy water.
-Specially structured mechanical seals eliminate the need for lubrication during operation, and make maintenance and inspections simple.
-A simple structure and highly interchangeable parts make maintenance simple.
-A wide lineup of specifications is available, with engine speeds ranging from medium to high. Users can choose models precisely tailored to their needs.

  • Agricultural Pumps
    Agricultural Pumps
  • Fishing Pumps
    Fishing Pumps
  • High-Pressure Cleaning Sprinkler Pumps
    High-Pressure Cleaning Sprinkler Pumps
  • Fish Breeding Pumps
    Fish Breeding Pumps
  • Engine Pumps【V-Belt-Driven Pumps (Self-Priming)】