TN models


  • Pumps for Specific Applications【Equipment Embedding】


-Magnetic models supporting a wide range of chemicals.
-High reliability and long-life design firmly rooted in fundamentals.
-An extensive lineup of series models is available with outputs ranging from 6 to 250 W.


  • Chemical Industry Pumps
    Chemical Industry Pumps

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  • Current models
  • Past models
Port diameter Model name Handled Frequency Output Performance curve Outer dimensions Structural drawing Detailed view Part list User manual Current models
TN-5P On sale 50          
TN-15P/15V On sale 50          
TN-25P/25V On sale 50          
TN-25PZ/25VZ On sale 50          
TN-45P/45V On sale 50          
TN-45PZ/45VZ On sale 50          
TN-70P/70V On sale 50          
TN-70PZ/70VZ On sale 50          
TN-110P/110V On sale 50          
TN-110P3/110V3 On sale 50          
TN-110P15/110V15 On sale 50          
TN-110P35/110V35 On sale 50          
TN-150P/150V On sale 50          
TN-150P3/150V3 On sale 50          
TN-150PZ/150VZ On sale 50          
TN-150PZ3/150VZ3 On sale 50          
TN-250P/250V On sale 50          
TN-250P3/250V3 On sale 50          
TN-250P15/250V15 On sale 50          
TN-250P35/250V35 On sale 50          
TN-5P On sale 60          
TN-15P/15V On sale 60          
TN-25P/25V On sale 60          
TN-25PZ/25VZ On sale 60          
TN-45P/45V On sale 60          
TN-45PZ/45VZ On sale 60          
TN-70P/70V On sale 60          
TN-70PZ/70VZ On sale 60          
TN-110P/110V On sale 60          
TN-110P3/110V3 On sale 60          
TN-150P/150V On sale 60          
TN-150P3-150V3 On sale 60          
TN-150PZ/150VZ On sale 60          
TN-150PZ3/150VZ3 On sale 60          
TN-250P/250V On sale 60          
TN-250P3/250V3 On sale 60          
No past models exist.