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  • Pumps for Specific Applications【Chemical Models】


-For refilling pool water treatment chemicals.
-For refilling chemicals used in facilities such as labs.
-For subdividing chemicals and liquid medicines in drug storerooms; for refilling/replenishing liquid medicine tanks.
-For transporting chemicals at facilities such as metal shops and wastewater treatment facilities.
-For transporting semiconductor manufacturing chemicals.
-For transporting liquid medicines at facilities such as plating shops. For transporting organic solvents such as chloroform.
-For transporting liquid medicines in locations prone to explosions or fires.


  • Chemical Industry Pumps
    Chemical Industry Pumps

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  • Current models
  • Past models
Port diameter Model name Handled Frequency Output Performance curve Outer dimensions Structural drawing Detailed view Part list User manual Current models
TMHM-21N On sale          
TMHM-21NK On sale          
TMHM-21NQK On sale          
TMHM-21NR On sale          
TMHM-21NA On sale          
TMHM-21NKA On sale          
TMHM21NL On sale          
TMHM-21NLK On sale          
TMHM-21NLR On sale          
TMHM-21NLA On sale          
TMHM-316M On sale          
TMHM-316MR On sale          
TMHM-316MA On sale          
TMHM-316MF On sale          
TMHM-316MFD On sale          
TMHM-316MFR On sale          
TMHM-316MFA On sale          
TMHM-5TR On sale          
TMH-55N2 On sale          
TMHM-55N2S On sale          
TMH-108 On sale          
TMH-108D On sale          
TMH-108A On sale          
TMH-108S On sale          
TMH-108SD On sale          
TMH-108SA On sale          
TMH-105 On sale          
TMH-105A On sale          
TMH-107 On sale          
TMH-107D On sale          
TMH-107A On sale          
No past models exist.