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  • Pumps for Specific Applications【Chemical Models】


-Medium-capacity magnet pump models for chemical use. Available in different materials and with different structures to support a wide range of liquid medicines.
-The magnet-driven structure prevents liquid leakage.
-Wetted parts are available in different materials to support a wide range of liquid medicines.
-A die-cast (gray iron) exterior cover is provided, ideal for use with high temperatures/pressures.
-The standard electric motors are all totally enclosed fan cooled types.
-An idling-resistant structure ensures long life.


  • Chemical Industry Pumps
    Chemical Industry Pumps

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  • Current models
  • Past models
Port diameter Model name Handled Frequency Output Performance curve Outer dimensions Structural drawing Detailed view Part list User manual Current models
TM-220 P/F On sale 50          
TM-221 P/F On sale 50          
TM-420 C On sale 50          
TM-440 P/F On sale 50          
TM-441 P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-542 P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-542H P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-543 P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-543H P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-545 P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-653 P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-655 P/F/C On sale 50          
TM-220 P/F On sale 60          
TM-221 P/F On sale 60          
TM-420 C On sale 60          
TM-440 P/F On sale 60          
TM-441 P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-542 P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-542H P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-543 P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-543H P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-545 P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-653 P/F/C On sale 60          
TM-655 P/F/C On sale 60          
No past models exist.