TCVS models (non-automatic)


  • Submersible Pumps【Cast Iron Models】


-A high-performance vortex impeller with a new design prevents fibrous foreign matter in sewage from clogging or winding on to the impeller.
-Low-wear models that prevent foreign matter from passing directly through the impeller.
-The electric motor has a built-in automatically restored protector (auto cutoff).
-Cables have sealed cores.
-The shaft seals are double mechanical seals combined with oil seals.
-Sliding parts of mechanical seals are made of SiC with outstanding wear resistance.


  • Industrial Equipment Pumps
    Industrial Equipment Pumps
  • Construction/Civil Engineering Pumps
    Construction/Civil Engineering Pumps
  • Agricultural Pumps
    Agricultural Pumps
  • Kitchen Drainage Pumps
    Kitchen Drainage Pumps
  • Environmentally Friendly Plant Pumps
    Environmentally Friendly Plant Pumps
  • Septic Tank Pumps
    Septic Tank Pumps
  • Construction Equipment Pumps
    Construction Equipment Pumps
  • Pit Graywater Pumps
    Pit Graywater Pumps

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  • Current models
  • Past models
Port diameter Model name
No removal device
Model name
With removal device
Handled Frequency Output Performance curve Outer dimensions Structural drawing Detailed view Part list User manual Current models
50 TCVS4-507 TCVS4D-507 On sale 50 0.75          
65 TCVS5-515 TCVS5D-515 On sale 50 1.5          
65 TCVS5-522 TCVS5D-522 On sale 50 2.2          
65 TCVS5-537 TCVS5D-537 On sale 50 3.7          
80 TCVS6-515 TCVS6D-515 On sale 50 1.5          
80 TCVS6-522 TCVS6D-522 On sale 50 2.2          
80 TCVS6-537 TCVS6D-537 On sale 50 3.7          
100 TCVS7-537 TCVS7D-537 On sale 50 3.7          
50 TCVS4-607 TCVS4D-607 On sale 60 0.75          
65 TCVS5-615 TCVS5D-615 On sale 60 1.5          
65 TCVS5-622 TCVS5D-622 On sale 60 2.2          
65 TCVS5-637 TCVS5D-637 On sale 60 3.7          
80 TCVS6-615 TCVS6D-615 On sale 60 1.5          
80 TCVS6-622 TCVS6D-622 On sale 60 2.2          
80 TCVS6-637 TCVS6D-637 On sale 60 3.7          
100 TCVS7-637 TCVS7D-637 On sale 60 3.7          
No past models exist.