"Strengths" of Terada Pump

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  • "Strengths" of Terada Pump

TERADA, as a solution company, will sincerely work to solve each customer's problem.

In 1950, we commercialized a self-priming pump under the name of "Selpra Pump" for the first time in Japan, and the "Selpra Pump" is still active in many industrial facilities and applications such as built-in equipment. .
In recent years, we have been promoting the development of various large engine pumps, boasting an extensive track record of delivery to local governments and private companies. Our company plays a role in early recovery and reconstruction support for increasing flood damage.
Under thorough quality control, we have expanded our lineup of products for general households, including small submersible pumps, well pumps, and air pumps, and have gained a wide share in the same category.

  1. Development section

    In the development section, we fully utilize the wide range of knowledge we have cultivated over our 70-year history to consistently perform operations from market research to commercialization.
    We do not allow any compromises from research, design, prototyping, evaluation, and product completion, and aim for satisfactory manufacturing.

  2. Production Section

    We are able to produce a wide variety of products by processing and assembling with a small number of elite personnel, and have realized a full lineup that can deliver pumps that meet customer needs.
    In addition, it is possible to process parts with complicated shapes by supporting multiple processing processes.
    We have established a production control system through cooperation with each department and information sharing with suppliers, so that we can respond quickly even in the unlikely event of an unforeseen situation.

  3. Quality control section

    Based on our original quality management system,
    We conduct all kinds of inspections to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of product quality.
    In terms of part quality, we also inspect individual parts to determine whether each part conforms to quality standards, thereby preventing the occurrence of defective products.

  4. Sales Section

    We have a full lineup of self-priming pumps, pumps for disaster countermeasures, pumps for general households, etc. We will select a pump that meets your needs. In addition, even in the field where it is difficult to respond with general products, we will provide products that meet customer needs.

    By making full use of the network that we have cultivated over our long history, we offer the best proposals that transcend the boundaries of manufacturers.
    Please feel free to contact us not only for product sales, but also for installation work, repairs, and inspections.
    With our light footwork, we can also meet with local governments and private companies for meetings.