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Terada Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") has set forth the following Privacy Policy (hereafter referred to as "this Policy") for personal information including information of the users of the Company's products and services as well as our associates, affiliates and suppliers (hereafter referred to as "Customers"). Recognizing the importance of personal information, the Company abides by related laws and regulations in efforts to protect personal information.

1. Purposes of Acquiring and Using Personal Information

The Company uses the personal information acquired from Customers for the following range of purposes.

  • - To reply to inquiries pertaining to the Company's businesses
  • - To provide various information materials requested to the Company, such as catalogs
  • - To suggest, introduce and provide products, services or the like offered by the Company
  • - To provide after sales services to the purchasers of the Company's products
  • - For product development, marketing and analysis conducted by the Company
  • - To contact Customers or to provide information to Customers

The Company may change the purposes of using obtained personal information only to the extent that there are reasonable connections between the original purposes of use and new purposes, and will notify the new purposes through this website as necessary.

2. Measures for Safe Management of Personal Information

The Company strictly manages the personal information of Customers and takes rational safety measures to protect personal information from loss, destruction, leakage, falsification and unauthorized access. Should any of these problems occur, the Company will take corrective measures without delay.

3. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not provide personal information to any third party except in the following cases/situations.

  • - When consents are obtained from Customers
  • - When it is necessary to disclose the personal information of Customers within necessary range to affiliates or subcontractors for the purpose of providing the Company's products or services
  • - When personal information is processed to the extent that individual Customers are unrecognizable or unidentifiable, in order to obtain statistical data
  • - When provision of information is required under the provisions stipulated by laws or regulations

4. Scope of Applicability

The Company takes no responsibility regarding the maintenance of safety of personal information at the websites linked from the Company's website.
Regarding the protection of personal information at the linked websites, please check the privacy policies and the like of the applicable linked websites.

5. Disclosure, Correction and Delete of Personal Information in Possession

The Company strives to maintain accurate and latest personal information. When the Company receives request of disclosure about personal information from individual customer, the Company will promptly provide the information in accordance with prescribed proceedures. Should there be any error in personal information, the Company will promptly correct or delete the information.

6. Opinions and Inquiries Regarding Handling of Personal Information

For questions, opinions or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by the Company, please contact the Company by using "Contact Us".

7. About Cookie

A cookie is a data file sent from a web server to a web browser. The web server recognizes the user's personal computer by referring to the cookie, thus enabling the user to efficiently use the Company's website. Cookies sent from the Company's website do not contain any information that can be used to identify the individual users.

The Company's website utilizes the information obtained from cookies only for the following purposes. It will not use the information for any other purposes.

  • - To improve the quality of the Company's products and services by reflecting the information in marketing activities
  • - To provide the products and services more suitable to the interests and needs of Customers by analyzing the accesses of users

The cookie functionality can be disabled via your browser setting.

8. About Google Analytics

TThe Company's website utilizes Google's access analysis tool called "Google Analytics." Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data. The data collected by Google Analytics are truly anonymous and free of any identifying information.

Collection of data by Google Analytics can be stopped by disabling the cookie. Please check your browser setting. For more information, see the Google Analytics Terms of Service page and Google Policy and Terms page.

9. Regarding Changes to This Policy

The Company may change the contents of this Policy without prior notice in line with the amendment of relevant laws and regulations or in order to improve the effectiveness of personal information protection measures. If the Company has revised the contents, the Company strives to make the new contents known by posting on our website after setting an effective date. By continuing to use the Company's website or related services, Customers are deemed to have agreed to the new contents of this Policy. Please note in advance.

Date of Update: November 8, 2023