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What is a pump?

A pump is a device that has the ability to suck up and spew out liquids and gases.
It is a general term for machines that are intended to send or pressurize to high or distant places.

It is used not only for water supply and sewerage and factory equipment, but also for agriculture and fisheries.
In general households, it is also used to pump out the remaining hot water in the bath and to take in well water.

Pumps are often used in places that we cannot usually see, and they support our lives.

  • suck up

    This is the most basic function of the pump.

  • spew out

    Apply pressure to a liquid and spray it in the form of a mist.

  • pump out

    Bottom water and accumulated water can be drained.

  • Weigh

    There is a pump that dispenses a fixed amount.

  • separate water and oil

    Efficient separation using a pump.

  • send air

    There are also pumps that send air as well as liquids.

There are also pumps that send air as well as liquids

  1. Achievement 1Pump for wastewater treatment

    COM3-63.7 (Steel company)

  2. Achievement 2Pump for disaster countermeasures

    EP type four-wheeled truck type (a certain municipality)

  3. Achievement 3Pump for sending cooling water to hardening equipment

    OH-6E 60Hz (For metal heat treatment factories)

  4. Achievement 4Pumps for factory equipment

    TASC-15T (Chemical manufacturer)

  5. Achievement 5For disaster countermeasures

    EP type stationary type (a certain municipality)

  6. Achievement 6Pump for disaster countermeasures

    E-7N5 (a certain municipality)

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