Message from the President

Message from the President

We aim to be a company that provides solutions to fluid-related issues and problems. While on the one hand, a pump manufacturer, we also function as a trading company with a serious commitment to solving our customers' problems by selecting from and improving on the best pumps for work environments in which a variety of pumps are used.
Marketing and trademarking the Selpra Pump as the first ever self-priming pump in Japan in 1950, we have extensively built on our product lineup,including even large-diameter pumps with a 300 mm discharge port, that continues to this day to be used widely in a host of industrial facilities, integrated into equipment, and utilized in other ways as well.
Since being one of the first companies to supply compact submersible pumps for home use to the home improvement center industry back in 1976, we continue to develop and sell familiar products for the home, such as compact submersible pumps, well water pumps, and air pumps. Our thorough quality control has won for us the top sale share in this same category.
Global warming and other environmental changes on the rise in recent years, such as guerrilla downpours, linear rainbands, and the increased frequency of typhoon landfalls, have led to unexpected disasters throughout all areas of Japan. The diverse engine pumps we are developing for use in large disaster countermeasures are useful in the event of flood damage and powe r outages caused by abnormal weather. We boast an extensive tra ck record as a supplier to a wide range of customers, from local governments to general companies.
Through the development and sales of wide-ranging pump products, we will continue our commitment to contribute to prosperous lives and a safe society by offering maintenance solutions (i.e., extensive after-sales service) and better utilizing fluid usage environments.

Since obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 1997, we have continuously improved our quality management system to strive for greater customer satisfaction and quality stabilization. Based on our belief that customer feedback is information of paramount importance for the improvement of product quality and development of new products, we are striving to steadily improv e and enhance product quality not only on our own but also in c oncert with our partner companies, whose cooperation with us includes the sharing of their expertise and information.
On the production front, we have successfully established a system for small-lot production of a wide variety of products that enables us to flexibly accommodate customer demand for quick delivery.
In 2011, we established a factory in China to move beyond Japan and expand our production activities overseas. And as we work toward improving the efficiency of our material procurement and productivity, we are also building a foundation for growth amid global market competition.
Our development department is engaged in initiatives to develop products that are highly competitive in the market by rapidly developing products that meet ever-changing market needs.

As prices for raw materials and fuel soar and rapid changes occ ur in the global situation, we are working to establish a syste m that can centralize all manner of information to rapidly deal with management issues, achieve compliance with laws, internal regulations, and social norms, as well as maintain a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees. That is how we are carrying out our commitment to keeping this organization a trusted company that fulfills its social responsibilities.

President and CEO

Norio Terada