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Company Profile

Name Terada Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Headquarters address 3-17 Shinonome-cho, Yamatotakada, Nara, Japan 635-8535
Tel. 81 (0)745 52-5101 (Reception)
Date founded November 1, 1945
Date established December 27, 1950
Capital 100 million yen


President and CEO Norio Terada
Executive Advisor Toshihiko Terada
Senior Managing Director Akihisa Hatakeyama
Director Toru Noguchi
Auditing Officers Shigeyoshi Mitsuoka
Kimiko Terada

Business Objectives

  • Manufacture, repair and contracted installation work for pumps and various machinery

  • Manufacture and sales of electrical machinery/equipment, electronic devices and parts

  • Sales of housing equipment, devices and supplies

  • Management and leasing of various leisure facilities

  • Buying, selling, leasing and managing real estate

  • All business areas related to the preceding items

  • Investing in business areas related to the preceding items

Major Sales Products

Self-priming centrifugal pumps
brand name: Selpra Pump
Centrifugal pumps
compliant with new JIS standard
Stainless steel pumps
for plant wastewater, food and chemical use
Engine pumps
large pumps for emergency drainage, civil engineering and agriculture
Submersible motor pumps
small pumps for general-purpose applications, effluent, sewage, plant use and home use
Plastic pumps