About Us

Environmental Work

Creating user- and environmentally-friendly products.

Environmental Approach

As a pump designer, manufacturer and vendor, we:

  1. Reaffirm our corporate social responsibilities and roles.
  2. Work on creating harmony between our corporate activities and the natural environment.
  3. Work on improving environmental preservation by leveraging the creativity of all our employees.

Environmental Policy

  1. We are aware of the environment, health and safety, and do our utmost to preserve and improve the environment.
  2. We work to prevent pollution and comply with national and local environmental regulations and with other demands that align with our values.
  3. We audit our environmental management system and promote ongoing improvements to the system with explicit goals and targets for environmental improvements.
  4. We work on activities such as resource-saving, energy-saving, recycling improvements and waste reduction.
  5. We design, manufacture and sell environmentally aware pump products.
  6. We provide all our employees with environmental education, and work to improve their environmental preservation awareness.
  7. We work to harmonize with the community, actively taking part in environmental preservation activities in our local neighborhoods.

We have made all our employees and everyone working for our organization familiar with this environmental policy, and have made it available by request to the general public.

Quality Policy

We have created the quality policy below in line with our corporate slogan: Rapidly supplying clients with better products at low cost.

  • – Provide products that satisfy clients.
  • – Have each individual live up to their potential and improve quality.
  • – Maintain the Quality Management System by drawing on a variety of information.
April 2, 2007
Terada Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Norio Terada, President and CEO