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V-Belt-Driven Pumps

V-Belt-Driven/Self-Priming Models

  • B models (high pump head type)
    • V-Belt-Driven PumpsV-Belt-Driven/Self-Priming Models
    • for agricultural
    • for high pressure

    ●High pressure is generated by an excellent mechanism, and a large amount of water is discharged.
    ●It has excellent self-priming power, and can be pumped by self-priming in a short time.
    ●Uses a semi-open impeller for excellent durability and smooth pumping.
    ●No lubrication is required during operation due to the special structure of the mechanical seal, making maintenance and inspections easy.
    ●Simple structure and easy maintenance.
    ●A wide range of specifications are available from medium to high speed rotation, allowing you to select the model that best suits your purpose.

  • OSA models (medium/low-speed type)
    • V-Belt-Driven PumpsV-Belt-Driven/Self-Priming Models
    • for agricultural

    ●It has excellent self-priming ability, and can be pumped and pumped with the first water supply.
    ●Once water is pumped up, it is easy to manage because water always remains in the pump body.
    ●The specially designed semi-open impeller can handle the pumping of sediment mixed water and sewage passing through the strainer.