Privacy Policy

Terada is aware of the importance of personal information protection. We have set forth the handling policy below to ensure that personal information is protected, and we make efforts to protect personal information in compliance with this policy.

Gathering Personal Information

Users of this website may be asked to provide personal information needed for providing the following types of services:

  • – Terada product-related inquiries and document requests
  • – Inquiries and consultations about breakdowns and repairs
  • – Inquiries about Terada product drawings and electronic data
  • – Inquiries about jobs at Terada

Terada will take reasonable steps to protect user privacy when gathering personal information.

Use of Personal Information

Terada uses personal information only for the objectives indicated when the information is gathered, and only as needed to provide services. The user information we receive is not used for any objective other than providing our services, except in the following cases:

  • – When the user has provided consent
  • – When the user’s personal information needs to be disclosed to an affiliate or contractor for the purpose of providing a service (the information is provided only as needed in this case)
  • – When creating statistical data by editing user information to prevent individual users from being identified or recognized.
  • – When information is demanded for legal reasons

Disclosing/Correcting/Deleting Personal Information

Terada makes efforts to manage personal information to keep it accurate and up-to-date. In accordance with the specified procedures, we respond immediately to requests from users for the disclosure, correction or deletion of their information in our possession. Any errors discovered in personal information as a result are immediately corrected or deleted.

Personal Information Organization/System

To enable Companywide efforts for ensuring personal information protection, we have appointed personal information protection managers who engage in appropriate management of personal information. We have also provided our officers and employees with education and training on personal information protection and appropriate management methods. We also rigorously enforce appropriate handling of personal information in routine business operations.

Ongoing Improvements to Personal Information Protection Policy

Terada complies with the applicable laws and other standards created for personal information protection. We continually review our personal information protection policy and regulations on personal information protection, working to improve our handling and management of personal information.


This website may contain links to other sites. Note that Terada assumes no liability for the personal information handling standards and content of the linked sites. The user assumes liability for the use of this website. Terada will assume no liability for any damage arising as a result of the use of information acquired from this website or from websites linked from it.