CMP-D (2P) mechanical seal models

※For those who are considering using the pump with seawater
・When using in sea water, the life of the pump will be shorter than when operating in fresh water.
・Damage to the pump can be mitigated by washing it with clean water after use.
・Be especially careful when using for circulating purposes.



Liquid Quality


●Wetted parts are made of resin and stainless steel. Rust-resistant multi-type.
●Maintenance is easy with a mechanical seal on the shaft seal.
●Power supply dedicated to DC 24V.
●Reverse prevention function: Reliable design that does not start the motor when wiring is reversed.
● High performance is achieved by combining a semi-open impeller and a casing that have undergone waterway analysis.
●Integrated low-noise electric motor and pump for compact and quiet operation.

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Port diameterModel nameHandledFrequencyPort diameterOutputPerformance curveOuter dimensionsStructural drawingDetailed viewPart listUser manualCurrent models
25CMP24D-200On sale-200Performance curveOuter dimensionsStructural drawingDetailed viewPart listUser manual-

No past models exist.