DS1-120 models (OIL SKIMMER)



Liquid Quality


● A bellows-type surface liquid suction device that follows the liquid surface is used.
It is possible to follow and inhale water level fluctuations up to about 90 mm.
●Separation tank and pump unit can be separated.
You can easily clean the separation tank.
●A bellows pump is used for the suction pump.
"Collects floating oil stably."
No priming required, dry operation possible.

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Port diameterModel nameHandledFrequencyPort diameterOutputPerformance curveOuter dimensionsStructural drawingDetailed viewPart listUser manualCurrent models
-DS1-120On sale5015-Outer dimensionsStructural drawing--User manual-
-DS1-120On sale6015-Outer dimensionsStructural drawing--User manual-

No past models exist.